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Book Review: American Wolf

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When I’m in public with Galen, I often hear parents say one of two things to their children. The first: Look at that old dog. To which I think: Nope. Not old. Gray since birth. The second thing parents say is: Look at that dog. He looks like a wolf. To which I think: He is a she. And she sure does. Sort of.

I’ve been looking at photographs of wolves recently. Not just any wolves, but those whose stories are recounted in Nate Blakeslee’s riveting book, American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West. The pictures were taken by wildlife photographer Jimmy Jones.

One take away after looking at the images: wolves are magnificent, regal creatures.  Another: Galen might be able to pass for a wolf thanks to her coloring, but her floppy ears make her all dog.

A dog in wolf’s clothes?

You will find my review of American Wolf at EcoLit Books.


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