Take Two: Grab a tissue… or two, or three

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  • March 11, 2018
  • by Jacki Skole

A news story recently caught my attention. It was about a dog, in Brazil, who has been sitting outside a Sao Paolo hospital for some four months. You probably know where this story is going. The dog’s owner–a homeless man–died at the hospital in October. The dog, it seems, chased the ambulance to the hospital,…

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The House that Emily Built

It would be her word against Johnny’s*. Again. Still, Deborah* dialed 9-1-1. She feared what Johnny might do next. He’d already burst into their bedroom screaming. He’d already grabbed her by the feet and dragged her off the bed paying no mind to her right leg, still in a cast a month after what she…

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Coming soon: The House that Emily Built

October is Domestic Violence month. To raise awareness of this very important issue and of the powerful role pets play in the lives of many victims, I will be posting a story I began reporting a couple of years ago. It didn’t find the literary home I was hoping for, but I believe it’s too…

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