Dog Tales: Stories about dogs written by the children who love them

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  • May 27, 2015
  • by Jacki Skole

This is the first in a series of stories written by young people. Writing encourages children to explore their relationship with a pet and works to strengthen the human-animal bond. After all, today’s youth are tomorrow’s pet owners. To learn more about this series, including how a young person you know can contribute his or her own…

Calling all kids

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  • May 21, 2015
  • by Jacki Skole

Do you know a young person who has a story to tell about a dog? If so, I’d love to read it—and, maybe even, publish it. In Dog Tales, Part Two, I introduced readers to the Homeless Pet Clubs, a non-profit organization founded by Georgia veterinarian Michael Good that empowers young people to save the lives of…

Dog Tales, Part Two

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  • May 14, 2015
  • by Jacki Skole

People love stories—telling them and listening to them. Perhaps that’s why we start telling our children stories when they are just days old. Then, by the time they’re talking, they’re telling them, too. In 2010, a group of first, second, and third graders at a Georgia elementary school told Dr. Michael Good, a veterinarian and…

Dog Tales, Part One

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  • May 7, 2015
  • by Jacki Skole

My dog ate a mouse, says a blonde third-grade boy. I have two dogs, offers another, a brunette. A third, also brunette, says, My dogs died. The three boys, along with several friends, have come to pet Galen and to see why my daughter and I are seated beside a table covered with dog treats, dog…

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Of infants, toddlers, and puppies

I recently came face to face with some old memories. First, came the memories of my infant daughters’ unwillingness to nap. I went two for two in this category, as neither daughter deemed napping necessary for her wellbeing, or mine. Placed lovingly in her crib, each baby girl would cry—then scream. Showers were never the…

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a belated introduction to the new man in my life

Meet Carson. He’s curious and stubborn. He wakes far too early for my liking. Five on the clock I’m okay with; four-thirty, no thank you. He’s demanding when he wants attention—he either emits a high-pitched whine or seeks out any non-toy he can find, usually an area rug, a sock, a shoe, or my daughters’…

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