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Where did the time go?

How often do you ask yourself this question? I seem to ask it all the time. For instance, it’s been about a month, and I’ve not posted a darn thing. Where did the time go?  So, please indulge me–there is no theme stitching together the snippets below, but perhaps you will find one (or more) that speaks to you.

  • If you haven’t watched The Present, an animated short about a teenage boy, a dog, and their special bond, I highly recommend it. You have the time–it’s under five minutes.


  • And check out this video by an amazingly talented self-taught artist who has an unusual way of painting animals. (Thank you for sharing it with me, Aunt Doris!)


  • In need of summer reading? If you haven’t read DOGLAND, it (of course) is my first suggestion. But if you’re looking for something else, check out EcoLit books. There are some new reviews online, including one written by yours truly.
Read my review of Lab Girl at EcoLit Books.

Read my review of Lab Girl at EcoLit Books.

  • July 4th is days away, and that means fireworks. Fun for us, not so much for many dogs–including mine. How can you keep your dog from freaking out? That, and more, in this story I posted last summer.


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