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Dog Tales: Stories about dogs written by the children who love them

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A huge thank you goes out to the Stephen Gaynor School in New York City, for giving its students the opportunity to share their thoughts about companion animals. In today’s post, several students explain what it would mean for them to have a dog or cat they could call their own.

Stories have not been edited for spelling or grammar. Each story belongs wholly to its author.

Title: I want a Pet!

Author: Grace, age 9

I would really want a dog or cat. Its one of the only things I would want. I always ask my mom or Dad to get a pet. I don’t care about what type of pet! I just want a pet. My mom and dad always say when you get older or maybe like 16 years old! I’m 9 so that means I have to wait 7 years! That’s so long! 7 years! Thats too long?! I want a pet now!

Drawing by Grace.

Drawing by Grace.

Author: Jonathan, age 9

If I had a dog I would name it Patriots because I am a Patriots fan and I hope that they win the Super Bowl. I really want a dog. I want a dog because I get bored sometimes and would like to play with him. This is why I want a dog.

Author: Joyce, age 9

I want a fluffy white puppy because I always want someone to talk to when I am alone. I want to play with and sleep my puppy. Thank you for listening! I would name it Fluffy because it is fluffy.

Drawing by Joyce.

Drawing by Joyce.


This installment of Dog Tales is the ninth in a series of stories written by young people. Writing encourages children to explore their relationships with pets and works to strengthen the human-animal bond. After all, today’s youth are tomorrow’s pet owners.

To find out how your child’s story can be included in this series, please click here.

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