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The strongest bond: homeless humans and their canine companions II

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Part two of Glenn Greenwald’s report on the bonds between Rio de Janeiro’s homeless and their dogs is now online. As with part one, there is both an article and a short film.

This time, Greenwald’s audience is introduced to Karollyne, a black trans woman who makes her home in a large, abandoned structure tucked inside Rio’s Tijuga Forest. Karollyne moved into the crumbling edifice with her sister in 2009. Today, she lives with eleven other people, nineteen dogs, and four cats. They form a unique family in which everyone’s basic needs—for food, shelter, and companionship—are fulfilled.

Greenwald writes, “Karollyne’s life has been shaped by unimaginable, continuous suffering and struggle: early childhood abuse, a prison term in her teens, harassment for being a trans woman, all endured during years of living on the street. Rather than producing bitterness or self-pity, those experiences have made her extraordinarily empathetic to the suffering of other vulnerable living beings.”

Those beings, we learn, are the stray dogs and cats, and the jungle monkeys who cross her path.

“I get my happiness from taking care of all animals who are suffering,” Karollyne says. “We try to feed and care for them all here. It’s my purpose.”

Part two, like part one, is worth reading and watching.



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