DOGLAND turns 2! Win a signed copy.

  • Dogland
  • July 27, 2017
  • by Jacki Skole

In 2012, I decided I was going to write a book. The idea was a mix of hubris, crazy, and a whole lot of naiveté. I had never before written for any kind of print publication–my  background was in TV news. Nor did I know anything about the world of publishing, beyond the not-very-helpful concept of subsidiary rights, which I learned during a stint as a summer intern at Simon & Schuster (gulp!) nearly three decades ago.

Yet, now it’s July 2017, and DOGLAND turns two. The feedback I’ve received from people inside and outside the animal welfare community has been remarkable. As a writer, you brace for the criticism your work will inevitably engender and embrace any accolades that come your way. I am fortunate. Accolades have outnumbered criticisms.

People have asked if there is another book in the works. The answer: Not right now. Will there ever be? I don’t know. I am no longer naive to the world of publishing. I need to find the right topic to believe that lightning might actually strike twice.

So for now I celebrate DOGLAND’s turning two. If you haven’t read the book, head over to Goodreads to enter the DOGLAND Give-away. You have through August 25 to enter to win. And if you’ve yet to spread the word about the book, please do so. There’s no better publicity than word-of-mouth.




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