New signing, new book review, and new stats

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  • February 23, 2017
  • by Jacki Skole

Save the Date! I will be participating in the Princeton Public Library‘s Local Author Day on Saturday, March 25 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. I’ll be joined by some forty authors from the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. So please, stop by, meet authors, buy fabulous books.


For dog lovers who love fiction, check out my review of Neil Abramson’s Just Life at EcoLit books. Abramson–an attorney by day, novelist by night–has written a page-turner of a book grounded in suspense, ethical ambiguity, and the human-canine bond.Just Life


Euthanasia in America’s animal shelters is on the decline. That’s according to Shelter Animals Count, a five-year-old non-profit created to do what no national humane organization had done: build and maintain a national database of sheltered animals.

According to SAC, some 5,500 dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States each day. That’s two million a year. Certainly that’s way too many, but it’s better than where we were just a few years ago when Best Friends Animal Society, an SAC founding member, estimated four million dogs and cats were killed annually. And it’s a far cry from where we were in the 1970s, when shelter killings stood at 17 million.

The good news: The trend is moving in the right direction. The challenge: We need to get it moving faster.

A handsome dog in a Georgia shelter tries to get a passerby's attention.
A Georgia shelter dog tries to get a passerby’s attention.

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